About Us

This website was created in 2012 as a record of a 12-month sabbatical that we began when our son was two.  We intended to spend six months in Thailand and then work out a forever plan that did not involve returning to high-pressure jobs.  While away, I received a message from a colleague that presented a work opportunity that evolved into 10 years of senior leadership positions.  In 2022, we decided to downsize our lives and relocate to Adelaide Australia which at the time allowed us to trade down to a mortgage free position while enjoying the amazing lifestyle available in Southern Australia.  This website has now evolved into a platform to share our strategies to achieve financial freedom, hoping to inspire others to take positive steps to simplify their lives and experience Financial Freedom.  While I still work, I do so with the freedom of knowing that I can take risks in the workplace that were previously not possible, with the understanding that I can leave at any time with enough independent income to either retire or reduce to a part-time arrangement.  Mrs Forget the Grind has decided to study, intending to find part-time employment when she has completed her undergraduate qualification.  In the meantime, I continue to work and invest, with every paycheck increasing our investments and Financial Independence income when I retire (likely in early 2025).  I intend on trolling through old files to see if I can find some of our Thailand to share along with new content to inspire others.

I hope you find something in my musings that helps enrich your life.

Mr Forget the Grind

Photo to the Right: One of my favourite Thailand Photos of my son playing in a local park in Chaing Mai.

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